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AMY Provides Full Service for an Easy Transition As You Downsize, Relocate or Manage an Estate

 Antique Mall Y'All  has been serving the tri-county area since 1998. AMY provides a full service plan to  customers seeking assistance with family estates, moving, relocation or downsizing their homes.  Our service includes onsite liquidations, estate sales, moving sales, packing, clean-outs, in-store consignment and outright purchase. 

If you are short on time, are planning for the future  or need to return home we can work with you to meet your goals. 

When someone asks about an estate sale the first thing we tell them is; "Don't throw  out or donate anything; decide on the items you wish to keep, family keepsakes and mementos; remove the checkbooks, credit cards and personal personal papers and leave the rest to us.  We'll take care of it all."   

Estate Sales are not about antiques and vintage.  A successful sale is about variety in a home that includes all styles and aspects of living to appeal to a broad range of shoppers.

Whether you are a local resident or from out of town and need to return home we can manage your sale successfully for you.

Our primary goal is to make your transition as stress free and easy as possible.

> Preparation for a sale includes arranging the home so that it is sale friendly, i.e.; eliminating or marking hazards, creating a secure entrance and exit, and creating a flow pattern facilitating the ingress and egress of customers. 

> Organizing the home's contents in an inviting way creates the best opportunity for a successful sale. We supply tables, cases, and other supplies to organize and display items including securing valuables. 

> Pricing utilizes over 20 years of retail/wholesale experience and reflects research on unique items as well as knowledge of current trends to maximize sales and return to the client. 

> Advertising is extensive and  includes internet, social media, websites, emails to our extensive customer base, as well as print media.  This will help to ensure a successful sale.

> According to the wishes of the client, the house close-out can include a "clean sweep" so that all unsold items are cleared and the house is completely empty. 

> Items unsold and suitable for consignment to Antique Mall Y'All may be moved there at the end of the sale. An in-store consignment account will be established for the sale of those items. This gives the owner another opportunity for a return on the home's contents.  The remaining unsold items may be donated to a charity of the customers' choice.  The customer will receive the tax deductible receipts.

> Arrangements can be made at the owner's request for additional services; for example, extra cleaning or repairs in preparation for listing the home for sale or for a closing.

> Payment of the proceeds follows the closeout of the sale and all pick-ups.  

Let AMY help you with your transition, whether it is a short notice sale or assistance with future planning we are ready.  Give us a call to schedule a visit to the home to discuss your needs which of course  is without charge.  

For your convenience, you can always reach me on my cell at 305-389-3425

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