All About Dealer Space at "The Mall"

Different styles across the mall

Quality Dealer Space is Available

 Antique Mall Y'All  is located in the heart of affluent Palmetto Bay's commercial district.  Our strong repeat customer base is drawn from 4 counties as a result of a strong advertising and promotional campaign broadly based in print and internet advertising. Free promotional events are scheduled throughout the year.

Our dealers offer our customers a broad selection of merchandise including antiques, collectibles, vintage and some unique new merchandise. The Mall policy on merchandise is not limited to just antiques. Many customers are not antique buffs but are steady customers nonetheless. This philosophy allows dealers to offer the widest variety of unique merchandise. However, the Mall does not allow case lot stock. 

Our rental policy does not require a lease or deposits. Antique Mall Y'All is fully staffed and has management on site daily to work with its customers and to provide an "easy to work with" format for its dealers as well as fostering an enjoyable group to work with.  Dealers have ready access to their spaces for restocking since we are open 7 days a week.

Our dealer arrangement is a full turn-key arrangement in that dealer responsibility ends after they stock their space. No additional licenses are required and all sales taxes are collected and paid by the Mall. 

Assistance on space merchandising and pricing are available as well. 

Computerized check-out and accounting provides accurate and up to the minute account status.

Call or email for additional information on available space and rates.